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KREZEL Artur, Department of Chemical Biology, Faculty of Biotechnology University of Wrocław, Poland

Title: Irreversible silver binding to zinc finger peptides causes the formation of multinuclear AgnSn clusters and loss of their function


Artur Krężel received his Ph.D. degree in bioinorganic chemistry (2004) from the University of Wroclaw.  During his postdoctoral training at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, he worked with Prof. Wolfgang Maret on mechanisms of cellular zinc homeostasis, which bore fruit in the discovery of metallothioneins as physiological zinc ion buffers. Currently, he is a full professor and head of the Department of Chemical Biology.  His research work concentrates on inorganic biochemistry, biophysics, and chemical biology in particular an understanding of the molecular bases of zinc and copper metabolism.  Examples of this endeavour are structure-function relationships, the stability of metalloproteins, and the development of new analytical methods.