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The scientific detailed program is finally here!

Welcome to MBP 2022 !

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to welcome you for the 1st International Conference on Metal-Binding Peptides, which will take place from July 5 – 8, 2022, here in Nancy, France.

MBP’2022 covers a wide range of topics and disciplines around peptides and metals, from fundamental research to various applications. A major motivation to launch this first conference was to gather academic and industrial scientists together, who are often dispatched in different fields. Moreover, we hope to provide the framework to create synergies between scientists from different fields and backgrounds. We aim to provide an innovative atmosphere by mixing skills, techniques, methods, topics, etc. between the participants.

Thus, we aimed to cover methodologies and applications from various disciplines around metals and peptides, including food, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, cellular biology, biology in general, catalysis, environment, origin of life and evolution, milk products, imaging, models, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health, materials, etc. Peptides include synthetic peptides, expressed peptides, isolated from natural sources, peptidomimetics, etc. and all types of metals (essential, toxic, etc.) present in form of ions, metal-ligand complexes, nanoparticles and so on.

Based on the scientific contributions, we divided this first MBP international conference in 8 topics/themes reported hereafter:

– Chemical design and proteolysis production of peptides
– Screening and separation of Metal-Binding Peptides
– Peptides-metal ion interactions
– Nutrition and cosmetic applications
– Biological and health applications
– Detoxification and environmental applications
– Biomaterial applications
– Catalysis and biocatalysis (metalloenzymes)

Here, we would like to warmly thank all the partners and sponsors who supported the organization of this unique scientific event: Impact Biomolecules, Dynamic biosensors, BMG Labtech, Gyros protein technologies, SBIC, Grand Est region, Métropole Grand Nancy, CEM, LRGP, GFPP, Separation, CNRS, Université de Lorraine, Université de Strasbourg, ENSIC, and PROPULS’. We also thank here all the members of the scientific committee, and the local organizing committee in the organization of the conference. All of this has contributed to the success in the organization of this event.

With more than 130 registered participants from more than 25 countries, MBP’2022 is an international conference aimed to foster a scientific exchange leading hopefully to new collaborations and we really expect that this congress will be perpetuated in the future as a biennale conference!

Besides, we hope that you will appreciate the social events enabling the discovery of the city of Nancy but also the countries from which the participants come from.

We wish you a nice and pleasant stay in the city/capital of Dukes of Lorraine!

The conference chairs Laetitia Canabady-Rochelle, Research scientist at CNRS,
and Peter Faller, Professor at University of Strasbourg.