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The preliminary program is now on line…

Welcome to MBP 2022 !

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce you that we rescheduled the 1st International Conference on Metal-Binding Peptides, to take place in Nancy, from July 5 – 8, 2022, and we are particularly happy to invite you to join in person!

MBP’2022 will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines around peptides and metals, from basic research to various applications. The idea of the initiation of this first conference is to gather academic and industrial scientists together, who are normally dispatched in different fields. We expect a strong synergic effect and an innovative atmosphere by mixing skills and disciplines, as techniques, methods, chemical compounds etc. from one discipline or field might be of high interest for another field and vice-versa.

Thus, we aim to cover methodologies and applications from various disciplines, including food, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, cellular biology, biology in general, catalysis, environment, origin of life and evolution, milk products, imaging, models, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health, materials etc. Peptides include synthetic peptides, expressed peptides, isolated from natural sources, peptidomimetics etc. and all type of metals (essential, toxic etc) present in form of ions, metal-ligand complexes, nanoparticles and so on.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Nancy next year!

The conference chairs