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HUREAU Christelle, LCC, Toulouse, France

Title: Targeting copper(II/I) ions with short ATCUN-like and hybrid peptides in the context of Alzheimer’s disease


Dr. Christelle Hureau did her PhD in Orsay (France) in the Inorganic Chemistry Lab, on coordination chemistry of Mn-based structural models of the water-oxidizing centre and graduated in 2003. Then she made three post-docs at the frontier between chemistry, biochemistry and advanced spectroscopy and electrochemistry. In 2007, she joined the Coordination Chemistry Lab in Toulouse (France) where she focused her researches on the impact of metallic ions (copper and zinc) in the amyloid cascade linked to Alzheimer’s disease and in new drug candidates targeting copper ions. She is currently the head of the “Alzheimer, Amyloids and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry” group in Toulouse ( ».